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By Jim Daws

Wednesday’s announcement that last year’s trade deficit, which came in at a whopping $621b — the largest in over a decade — illustrates the structural dilemma on the horns of which the President and his trade reform team are caught.  As Trump’s deregulation and tax cuts supercharged America’s economy, the dollar grew even stronger, making U.S. exports more expensive and foreign imports cheaper – especially those from China, which suffered a significant economic contraction.  Despite the Administration’s modest tariffs on some Chinese goods, our economy bled a record $419b to that communist dictatorship.

This devastating news was celebrated by the Resistance media as proof that Trump’s America First trade reforms are failing, ignoring the role our improving economy and strong dollar played in the equation.  They mostly ignored, too, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer’s announcement that the administration is within days of finalizing a trade reform agreement with China to open their markets to more American exports while protecting our trade secrets and intellectual property.  I guess it was lost on the media that the reforms they decried a failure had yet to be implemented.

But reforming China’s trade abuses, while imperative, will not be enough to return American goods and services to global competitiveness.  Under any global trade regime, an even a greater obstacle to addressing our balance of trade is the role the strong dollar plays. Simply put, all the market access in the world won’t restore America’s producers if exchange rates make their products too expensive.

Owing to our history as the world’s largest and most stable market, the U.S. dollar is the world’s reserve currency.  That means when nation’s trade and conduct financial transactions, they most often pay each other dollar-denominated assets.  This foreign demand for American dollars artificially drives up its value thereby raising the price of U.S. goods and services.  U.S. exports become prohibitively expensive in foreign markets and relatively cheap imports surge into the American market – devastating our manufacturers, miners, farmers and ranchers.  While global financiers reap huge profits from the strong dollar, Main Street, USA has gotten hammered.  

One proposal to address the artificially strong dollar is The Competitive Dollar for Jobs and Prosperity Act advocated by the Coalition for a Prosperous America.  CPA represents manufacturers, agriculture and labor to rebuild the economic health of middle America that’s been hit so hard by decades of globalism.  

The bill would amend the Federal Reserve Act to add a mandate to achieve a balance of trade to its current mandates of full employment and low inflation.  It would create an exchange rate management tool for the Fed called a Market Access Charge, to be levied on foreign purchases of American securities, in order to adjust the strength of the dollar.  The MAC would be collected by the Treasury and would be moved up or down to gradually to achieve a trade-balancing exchange rate within five years. The legislation would also authorize the Fed to retaliate against nations that manipulate their currencies to gain trade advantages.

CPA says the bill, “…provides the missing tools America needs to defend its industries, workers, farmers, and ranchers from incoming foreign capital that weaponizes the dollar against domestic manufacturers and agricultural producers.”

These measures are not without precedent, in 1985 with the U.S. facing large and growing trade deficits, President Ronald Reagan negotiated the Plaza Accord with the G-5 (then the U.S., Germany, U.K, France, Japan) to depreciate the U.S. dollar by 30 percent.  The agreement worked and by 1991, our trade account was balanced. That was the last time any administration bothered to address the dollar exchange rate and we have suffered the consequences as one sector of the U.S. economy after another has been offshored.

The human cost of all this has not only been the loss of tens of millions of good paying, full-time jobs, but also of retirement security and employer-provided health insurance as America’s employers slashed costs trying to compete with low-wage nations.

One thing’s for certain, America cannot continue to rack up these crippling trade deficits indefinitely without eventually sliding into a third-world type economy.  We have seen that our trade competitors are willing to manipulate their currencies and engage in predatory trade practices, including targeting whole industries for takeover.  

While the President’s opening of China’s export markets is a worthwhile goal, tying our economic well-being to an oppressive communist dictatorship that increasingly challenges us militarily is a fool’s errand.  The key to securing a prosperous nation for coming generations of Americans is taking control of our own economic fate and the Competitive Dollar for Jobs and Prosperity Act is one way of doing that.  

You can listen to my interview with Michael Stump from the Coalition for a Prosperous America here.The author hosts Right Now with Jim Daws, a webcast on news, politics and culture from and American nationalist perspective –

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March 3, 2019

By Jim Daws

Of all the contemptible episodes of political theater Congress has ever produced, Michael Cohen’s seven-hour hearing before the House Oversight Committee is without precedent.  Has there ever been a more seditious, mendacious, and just plain degrading spectacle?  

While America’s president was overseas conducting a nuclear disarmament summit with a hostile communist dictator, the new Democrat majority in the House used their very first hearing to undermine his credibility on worldwide TV.  Given the depraved character of modern Democrats, the hearing’s circus-like atmosphere was predictable, but the timing of the event can be taken to mean only that they’re more interested in impeaching President Trump than in avoiding a nuclear holocaust.  That’s a chilling realization.

As the ranking Republican on the committee, Jim Jordan, pointed out in his opening, this was the Lanny Davis show from concept to planning and execution.  Davis is well known as the longtime fixer for the Clinton crime family.  To those of us who remember the many Clinton scandals, he’s considered just as dishonestunethical, and ruthless as Michael Cohen ever was, although obviously much more polished and effective.  Does anyone doubt that Cohen’s 30-minute opening, used to slander and denigrate Trump, was composed by Davis to inflict maximum political damage?

Davis captured Cohen for the Resistance after he was indicted for tax and bank fraud.  Davis likely promised to use his Clinton connections with the highly partisan Southern District of New York to win Cohen a reduced sentence.  He would also have to implicate Trump, which explains why Cohen would plead guilty to a charge of campaign finance violation that isn’t in fact a crime and never would have stood up in court.  

Cohen also pleaded guilty to lying to this same Oversight Committee concerning the inconsequential timing of his conversations with Felix Sater.  Sater is a longtime FBI and CIA informant who was dangling the prospect of a Trump tower in Moscow if only Cohen could entice Trump to communicate with Vladimir Putin — nothing at all suspicious about that.

As former assistant attorney for the SDNY, Andrew McCarthy, points out that Cohen might have been led to believe that his testimony at the hearing could further reduce his sentence.  But that’s assuming he escapes prosecution for perjuring himself yet again before the committee, including claiming he never sought a job in the White House — something the opposite of which Cohen previously admitted on CNN.  Republicans have already made criminal referrals for this and other lies under oath. 

By putting him back before the committee — something no competent attorney would do — Davis exposed Cohen to additional charges.  But Davis is apparently doing this all out of the goodness of his heart.  It was revealed that Cohen isn’t actually paying for Davis to represent him, which makes perfect sense, because Davis isn’t acting in Cohen’s best interest.

During Cohen’s testimony, he accused Trump of being a racist, a con man, and a cheat.  Racist is the go-to slur Democrats use against anyone who opposes them, but it’s worth noting that Trump became a racist in their eyes when he decided to run against Hillary.  Prior to that, he received recognition and awards from the NAACP and Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition, and was bosom buddies with the black glitterati.

Cohen regurgitated the Democrats’ talking point that Trump stiffed contractors on his construction projects, instructing Cohen, as his attorney, to tell them they wouldn’t be paid, or they would be paid a reduced amount.  Considering the scale of projects Trump has developed over a long career, this is unremarkable.  Anyone who has employed contractors knows they often pad their bills and sometimes mess up jobs so badly that it costs even more than the original invoice to have the work redone.

As far as con man goes, Cohen offered that Trump had attempted to reduce his tax bills by appealing assessments on his properties.  This appeared to excite the Democrats who spent much of the day heaping praise on a convicted perjurer who was violating the sacred attorney-client privilege.

On matters of substance related to Russia collusion, Cohen admitted he had no knowledge to prove any of it and debunked several of the details in the Clinton-produced dossier, including the claim that Cohen had traveled to Prague — a cornerstone of the hoax.  Unable to provide any verifiable testimony or evidence regarding collusion, Cohen was left to say it sounded like something Trump would do and that he once overheard Roger Stone telling Trump that WikiLeaks intended to dump damaging information on Hillary Clinton — something that by that time had already been published in newspapers.

Now that Mueller’s investigation is reportedly winding down with no evidence of collusion, the Democrats clearly signaled they have no intention of allowing the president to focus on his America First agenda, much less on nuclear disarmament of rogue states.  Much of the Democrats’ questioning had nothing to do with Trump’s election or his administration, but his past personal matters and business dealing.  Among other questions, they asked if Trump had ever struck Melania, used drugs, or paid for an abortion.  Cohen answered no.

Chairman Elijah Cummings has changed the name of his committee from House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to just House Committee on Oversight and Reform.  Cummings and his committee show no intention of limiting themselves to the proper, constitutional role of government oversight.  Instead, they are shifting gears to probe every aspect of Trump’s business and private life — and that of his family and his associates — in order to impeach him or prevent his re-election.  It’s amazing they don’t realize that disgusting displays like this hearing will have the exact opposite effect.

The author hosts Right Now with Jim Daws, a webcast on news, politics, and culture from an American nationalist perspective.

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February 27, 2019

By Jim Daws

The defining characteristic of today’s Democrats is that most unattractive of human failings, hypocrisy.  Since Donald Trump’s improbable election, Dems and their media mouthpieces have been demanding that the rest of us recognize the existential threat he poses to the nation.  Their demands are based on a litany of accused authoritarian character traits and fascistic conduct that Trump obviously doesn’t hold and in fact never committed.  The reality is the Democrats are projecting — accusing Trump of the very outrages that they themselves practiced in their obsession to prevent and then overturn his election.

The most ridiculous of these accusations is that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election. Setting aside for the moment the massive economic damage Trump’s energy policies have inflicted on Russia’s fragile economy, let’s examine the Democrat’s actions to protect us from the Russian Bear.

The fictitious dossier, written by a foreign spy citing unnamed Russian intelligence sources, was deployed to smear Trump.  When the dossier failed to defeat him, it was used to justify endless investigations, congressional hearings, and ominous news coverage that hobbled his presidency, wrecked his efforts to improve relations with Russia and greatly diminished voters’ confidence in our democracy.  Only after this witch-hunt was set in motion was it revealedthat the bogus dossier was a product of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

In classic KGB style, Obama’s administration deployed our nation’s intelligence agencies to infiltrate and spy on their political opponents.  Using paid informants — believed to include, at minimum, Joseph Mifsud,Stefan Halper, Henry Greenberg and Felix Sader— the political appointees heading our FBI and CIA attempted to entrap Trump’s campaign with monetary enticements and promises of Russian kompromat on Hillary Clinton.

Fearful of being held accountable and panicked after Trump’s long-shot election, the deputy attorney general and acting FBI director then conspired to unconstitutionally remove the incoming president using the 25th Amendment, which was intended to facilitate succession in the event of presidential physical or mental incapacitation.  Since Trump suffered no such incapacity, and it was never the DOJ or FBI’s role to allege that he did, this conspiracy is rightly seen as an attempted administrative coup d’etat similar to those against Soviet leaders Nikita Khrushchev and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Having failed, the same Deep State actors that committed these outrages then appointed a former FBI director to cover up their unconstitutional misdeeds. Robert Mueller organized a team of zealous Democrat partisans who promptly began a series of selective, political prosecutions — of matters unrelated to collusion — designed and conducted to terrorize and silence Trump associates. Under threat of financial ruin to their families and spending decades in Mueller’s gulag, many of the targets of these selective prosecutionspredictably negotiated guilty pleas.  

While these outrages have gone on, our very own American Pravda — the Democrat’s mouthpieces in the mainstream media — have published a steady stream of disinformation and propaganda designed to turn reality on its head and portray Trump as Vladimir Putin’s puppet instead of the target of Soviet-inspired tactics employed by Obama’s police state.  Long after Russiagate has been debunked by the emerging alternative media, the legacy media and leftwing cable outlets continue to perpetrate this hoax.  

As important as propaganda to the Soviet’s control of their citizens was suppressing dissident voices.  Silicon Valley’s Democratic tech titans are engaged is a similar effort to silence opposing opinions. Using their near-total control of internet search, Google and YouTube are downranking content that they deem noncompliant with leftist dogma.  On social media, Facebook, and Twitter now regularly deplatform and censor users who speak verboten right-wing thoughts. All the while the Democrat’s media “watchdogs” orchestrate well-funded campaigns to scare advertisers away from conservative broadcasters and internet sites.

When all else failed, the Soviets engaged in violence to punish and suppress political opposition.  In America today we have  a domestic terror group, Antifa, organized in all our major cities, and boasting scores of Facebook groups, assaulting Trump supporters in the streets.  Far from condemning their actions, the Democrats and their media shills have justified and even encouraged Antifa.  In the 2016 election, as documented on hidden camera by Project Veritas, Democrats sent paid provocateurs into Trump rallies to incite violence.

In their win-at-all-costs war against Trump, the Democrats have unduly divided America, created fear and loathing among her citizens and torn at the fabric of our democracy.  Soviet-styled totalitarianism is indeed a great danger to our free republic, but contrary to what you’re being told, that threat is coming from the Democrats and not from President Trump.

The author would like to thank Russia historian Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor for the information presented on their series Tales of the New Cold War on the John Batchelor Show.

The author hosts Right Now with Jim Daws, a webcast on news, politics and culture from and American nationalist perspective

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February 23, 2019

By Jim Daws

Martina Navratilova is one of the greatest female tennis players of all time.  She holds the record for most singles and doubles titles in the Open Era (167 and 177, respectively), including 17 Grand Slam singles titles.  For 15 straight years, from 1977 to 1993, she never fell below the top 3 ranking in Women’s Tennis Association singles.  At a time when baseline play was the norm, she revolutionized women’s tennis with her aggressive serve and volley style reminiscent of her male counterparts of the era.  

Navratilova defected from communist Czechoslovakia in 1975 and became a U.S. citizen in 1981.  That same year, when there was still a price to be paid for doing so, she came out as a lesbian and has since engaged in a long career of LGBT activism.  She lent her name and support to ballot initiatives, spoke at LGBT marches, and in 2000 was the recipient of the National Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBT lobbying group.  She is active on Twitter and firmly in the Orange Man Bad camp.  No one could ever accuse Martina of not being down for the cause.

All this was not enough to protect Navratilova from ostracization and accusations of bigotry last week when she questioned the wisdom of allowing men pretending to be women to compete in women’s sports.  In an equivocal, diplomatic, almost apologetic column in the Sunday Times, she suggested that men have an unfair advantage over actual women.

Perhaps in recognition of the absurdity of their position, the reaction from transsexual, transgender activists was quick, severe, and unforgiving.  Navratilova was accused of being “transphobic” on social media, attacked in the LGBT press, and kicked off the board of an organization called Athlete Ally that promotes athletes based on their sexual orientation.

To normal people, it’s common sense that the reason men and women compete separately is so females can experience the many benefits of athletic competition.  From health benefits to life lessons from sportsmanship to lucrative careers, girls and women in Western nations have long enjoyed many of the same athletic opportunities as their male counterparts.  Pioneering women, including Navratilova herself, have struggled to win equal access to sporting competition.

All of that is now under threat, as radical transsexual activists have demanded and won the right for male athletes to compete against women and girls.  The results of this lunacy have not been pretty, as larger, more muscular men win events, take titles, and destroy records in women’s sports.

In Australia, 39-year-old transgender weightlifter Laurel (né Gavin) Hubbard easily crushed the competition to win the international title by more than 20 lbs.  Looking at the photos from the event, it’s puzzling why a large, burly man is on the podium, looking down on the female competitors.  Weightlifter Deborah Acason, from the Australian Weightlifting Federation, asked, “If it’s not even, why are we even doing the sport?”

At the Connecticut state track and field championships, Terry Miller, a sophomore who had competed the prior year as a boy, won the girls’ 100- and 200-meter dashes, setting state records in both events.  Adding insult to injury, another boy, Andraya Yearwood, came in second in both events after having won them the previous year.  One of the girl competitors understandably complained, “I think it’s unfair to the girls who work really hard to do well and qualify for Open and New England’s.”

Last year, at the widely publicized event that first caught Navratilova’s attention, Dr. Rachel McKinnon, a male, took the UCI Masters cycling world championship in the 35- to 44-year-old class from his much smaller female opponents.  When the third place finisher said she believed that it was not a fair competition, she was attacked and shamed relentlessly online until she apologized and withdrew her comment.

These travesties have become all too common as one sport’s governing body after another capitulates to the P.C. mob.  At the 2018 Winter Olympics, the International Olympic Committee, one of the elite sanctioning bodies in sports, allowed men to compete in women’s events with no restriction on testosterone levels or physiology.

For participation in sports to be attractive to participants the competition and chance for victory must be fair — it’s why sports have rules to begin with.  Why compete if the deck is stacked against you?  Athletic competition is just as valuable to women and girls as it is to men and boys, and it has great benefits to the larger society.  None of it should be sacrificed to a tiny fraction of gender-dysphoric males who dream of competing against actual females.

Navratilova was attacked for speaking an obvious truth.  Let’s hope she is the first of many high-profile female athletes who have the courage to speak out and put a stop to this madness.

The author hosts Right Now with Jim Daws, a webcast on news, politics, and culture from an American nationalist perspective —

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January 29, 2019

By Jim Daws

If anyone still had doubts that Robert Mueller is a rogue prosecutor, twisting our legal system to his political ends, last week’s Gestapo-styled arrest of Roger Stone should put that delusion to rest.  With CNN cameras rolling, Mueller sent a tactical assault team the likes of which the Justice Department normally reserves for drug cartels, international terrorists, and oddball Christian cult compounds.

Stone was charged with lying to Congress – while supporting Donald Trump.  That last part isn’t actually contained in the indictment, but the only time anyone is indicted for lying to Congress is if he supports Donald Trump, so it just goes without saying.  Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper, and John Brennan have all lied to Congress, but they had the unimpeachable integrity to do it while not supporting Trump.

Affirming their undying commitment to civil liberties, Stone’s abuse by the police state was met by journalists and Democrats throughout the land with cheers and delirious joy bordering on the orgasmic.  To them, Stone’s arrest was sweet, sweet justice: “How dare he be dishonest about matters related to the Russia collusion hoax?  That’s our job.”

The blabbering heads at CNN and MSNBC rushed to the cameras to tell us that this time, this time, Mueller really had Trump cornered – not like the time they told you before, or the time before that, or the time before that.  Never mind last week’s BuzzFeed debacle.  That was then; this is now.

Only after they bothered to read the indictment did they realize that it basically said neither Trump nor anyone in his campaign had any idea how to contact Russia or Julian Assange and had no idea what dirt they had on Hillary.  So someone in the campaign asked Stone to ask a friend of a friend what was up after Assange went on TV to preview his coming WikiLeaks release.  This is the same media establishment that was in hot pursuit of the exact same information, but again observing the highest journalistic standards – they were all doing so while meticulously not supporting Trump.

This is also the same media that celebrated Assange when he published massive dumps of top-secret national security communications that got spies for America killed.  But apparently, that was all cool, since Barack Obama himself released the traitorous leaker, Bradley Manning, from jail, apparently for being a cross-dresser.  Now that Assange has published emails that exposed Hillary, you’re not allowed to even talk to a friend of a friend about him – unless you don’t support Trump.

Mueller is so determined to get Trump that he hasn’t bothered to forensically examine the DNC’s servers that Russia supposedly hacked, nor has he had time to interview Julian Assange to ask if Russia in fact provided the “hacked” DNC emails.  Bill Binney – the guy who designed and implemented the cyber-surveillance systems that Mueller once used to spy on the rest of us – assures us that the hack as described by the DNC is physically impossible.  Technical evidence suggests that the material was actually internally obtained using a flash drive.  Mueller’s “investigation” also shows less than zero interest in the source of the fictitious oppo research “dossier” commissioned by Clinton and her campaign – you know, the one concocted by a foreign spy using Russian intelligence misinformation and deployed to interfere in the election.  Oh, wait – they all did that while not supporting Donald Trump, too.

Mueller indicted Paul Manafort for failure to register as a foreign agent while lobbying for the president of Ukraine.  Guess who else lobbied for the same Ukrainian president but is not indicted!  You got it – Clinton campaign-manager John Podesta’s brother, Tony.  The Trump-supporter is headed to jail; the one that did not support Trump collects creepy art.  It’s almost as if there’s a pattern here.

Roger Stone’s pre-dawn tactical assault-styled arrest, along with the pre-dawn raid executed on Paul Manafort and the pre-dawn raid of Michael Cohen’s office, all appear designed to send a clear and chilling message.  We can be pretty sure it has something to do with not supporting Donald Trump.

The author hosts Right Now with Jim Daws, a webcast on news, politics, and culture from an American nationalist perspective.